Featured Photographers: Gerald and Nikkah De Guzman

 This dynamic duo work as Registered nurses…and photographers in Orange County, California. How  do they manage to do their work and still come up with outstanding images of families, babies, children, mums to be, and couples? 

I have to say they astonished me with their artistic flair in capturing images.  They capture stories…not just portraits. I’m not surprised that they have such a huge following in Southern California.

Gerald and Nikkah De Guzman are the founders of The Blue Sky Creations Photography.  They have a beautiful 6 month old boy, Dashylle Mccullen (love the name!). I am over the moon to introduce them to all of you.

FYI…Gerald is my younger brother! And boy…I couldn’t be any prouder!Featured Photographers: Gerald and Nikkah De Guzman


Featured Photographers: Gerald and Nikkah De Guzman Gerald and Nikkah De Guzman
Business Name: The Blue Sky Creations
Website: www.theblueskycreations.com
Location: Orange County, California USA

Featured Photographers: Gerald and Nikkah De Guzman


What’s one thing that people should know about you?

 I’m versatile. It doesn’t matter if it pertains to photography, family or my own personal portfolio. I see change as a perfect opportunity to audaciously recreate a concept.

 In one sentence, please describe your style :

Subtle yet never ordinary.

Featured Photographers: Gerald and Nikkah De Guzman

Tell us how you got started? 

For me, everything started with admiration. To name a few, “you” (Michelle), for your relentless pursuit for newborn photography perfection, Canada’s Likha Studio photographers Grace and Randeeh, known for their stunning family portrait and landscape/nature composition and HDR techniques. Lastly, Joe of joebuissink.com. He has raised the bar for wedding photography.

My wife Veronica and I started reading a lot of online manuals. We also assisted as a second photogs for other wedding, maternity, family and newborn photographers, helping us get acclamated with the photography business.

Featured Photographers: Gerald and Nikkah De Guzman

What’s one post processing tip that you’re willing to share?

Play around with Adobe’s lightroom warming filter and curves especially inverting red, green channel and this will do wonders!  All of my PP’s depend on the emotion I want to achieve for that particular portrait.

What types of sessions are your favorites?

My wife loves the newborns and maternity, while I personally “heart” weddings, simply because of the transparency of emotional cocktails in each session.

 Featured Photographers: Gerald and Nikkah De Guzman

What equipment do you use? Any favorites?

Canon 5D Mark II. My 24-70 L 2.8 is my bread and butter. It helps me carry less stuff since it’s so practical to use in many situations, while my 70-200 L mm 2.8 helps me with extreme closeups during weddings.

 Any particular work that has made a huge impact on you?

Our maternity session with Andrea on the beach created a lot of buzz with my fellow photographers. We have received good commendations and client inquiries because of it.

Featured Photographers: Gerald and Nikkah De Guzman

  What’s on your wish list?

More success for our photography business and blessings for my family.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

Traveling all over the world capturing images for weddings, newborns, family and maternity sessions. Secondly, conducting my own workshops both in the US and other countries. Lastly, I see myself as still a good looking man (at least in my wife’s eyes) despite of being 10 years older. 

What is the best advice you’ve ever received (professionally or personally)?

Provide a very good customer service anytime, anywhere. Word of mouth is the strongest advertising strategy in any business.

Featured Photographers: Gerald and Nikkah De Guzman

What do you do in your down time?

Babysitting with my mini-me- our 6 month old baby boy Dashylle, whose energy is never depleted. He’s always crawling, smiling and playing. During my non photography days, I (Gerald) work as a dialysis nurse in several hospitals here in Orange Country, California

Any tips for anyone who’s just starting out?

Read, read and you got it…..read. There’s a vast ocean of literature pertaining to photography out there. Make sure you read the basics, since it will be your foundation for your hobby / business. Secondly, do some networking with other photogs in your area. It will help you with your field work in regards to incorporating your skills to the business.

Thank you very much Gerald and Nikkah!

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