My Take on the new Kindle 3 / Hong Kong Photographer

I ordered the Amazon Kindle 3 as I’d like to jumpstart my reading routine that has been long stalled. I admit I didn’t even think about buying one ever since Amazon introduced the first ever e-book. Upon receiving the Kindle via post ,I said to myself, “Where were you all my life?”My Take on the new Kindle 3 / Hong Kong Photographer

My Take on the new Kindle 3 / Hong Kong Photographer

I purchased the 189 USD (1473 HKD) Kindle 3 with 3G/ Wi-fi capabilities. When I unboxed it, I was surprised how light and compact it is at 8.7 ounces. I chose the Graphite color version and I immediately noticed the high contrast  fonts and images on its 6 inch screen.  I also love the E-Ink Pearl technology especially that I’m in front of the computer a lot and the last thing I need is an eye strain.

Page turning is a breeze. Just press the side buttons and the next or previous page appears in a fraction of a second.

My Take on the new Kindle 3 / Hong Kong Photographer


My Take on the new Kindle 3 / Hong Kong Photographer


 I noticed that the QWERTY keys are smaller than the previous generation Kindle. I find myself sometimes accidentally pressing other keys. The same thing with the 5 way controller on the right hand side. I would sometimes accidentally press either the Menu or Back buttons. Not much of a big issue really.My Take on the new Kindle 3 / Hong Kong PhotographerI’ve decided to take my Kindle to a coffee shop. I am still waiting for my lighted cover so in the meantime I bought a temporary pink leather cover from Wanchai Computer center.

I tested out the 3G/ Wi-Fi functionality and I love that I can browse the net and shop in the Kindle Store even without Wi-fi. (Another model Kindle 3 Wi-Fi only has Wi-fi capability. Priced at 139 USD). In my opinion, the 3G/Wi-fi version is more favorable considering that I can check the internet for free even without wi-fi access. I even tried checking my Gmail account in my recent trip to Macau and it was flawless!

Battery life is outstanding. Just make sure you turn the wireless off if you don’t need it and battery can last as long as 3-4 weeks without recharging! If you ever need to have the battery serviced, you will have to send it back to Amazon and they’re usually going to send you a replacement.

My Take on the new Kindle 3 / Hong Kong Photographer
IN A COFFEE SHOP/ BOOKSTORE. NOTICED A LOT OF CURIOUS LOOKSMy Take on the new Kindle 3 / Hong Kong Photographer

I have  few minor gripes….I just wish that Amazon would have included the short cut keys on their User’s guide.  I had to search in the internet for the short cut keys or sometimes just figure them out on my own. I also realize that PDF handling is sluggish. For me, they’re not deal breakers.

Reading  the posts of fans of the Kindle Facebook page, I read that the customer service is outstanding.

I have to say I’m now a serial “Kindler”My Take on the new Kindle 3 / Hong Kong PhotographerAs much as I love the feel and look of the real book, I can never trade it for the convenience of bringing around a compact device in my purse and the speed of downloading a book in under 60 seconds. Now waiting in queue lines is no longer a bore and a chore.

More useful links:

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Got any Kindle tips or comments? Or you simply want to show your LOVE to your Kindle? Feel free to drop me a comment below!

COMING UP SOON: “My take on the Amazon Kindle Lighted Cover” .  

Maria - September 14, 2011 - 12:43 pm

Hi there,

Thanks for this informative post. I’m in HK and seriously considering getting a Kindle. Do you know which Kindles work in HK (any difference between Kindle DX and Kindle 3?), and if you get charged extra for using the Kindle internationally? I’ve seen some posts (albeit older posts) that said users were being charged an additional US$2 for each book download due to international “roaming” charges.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Michelle Garthe - September 21, 2011 - 5:00 pm

Hi Maria,

You’re very welcome! My Kindle definitely works in HK. The difference between the DX and Kindle 3 is simply the size, being DX is bigger (has a 9.7 inch diagonal screen) compared to Kindle 3 (6 inch screen). I personally love the Kindle 3 for its portability. The use of 3G is HK is free so you can certainly download books etc with ease. It’s just that some Free books in the US are “not” free in other countries. Thus you have to pay $2 instead of 0$ for those US-only free books. I also love that I can use the 3G connectivity for checking my email and Facebook (kinda slow but better than nothing) especially when travelling anywhere else like China and Vietnam.
You can certainly check this link: for more information.
Best of luck! I know I LOOOOVE my Kindle!

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